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As 2018 winds down, it’s important to prepare for the next year and focus on marketing trends that will be important in the space. Here are five trends that businesses should watch out for in 2019:

Content Marketing Is Still Crucial

Content has become a key component of marketing and sales. Businesses must create a strategy or revisit one that’s already in place so that they know the direction that their company is heading in 2019.
It’s also important for businesses to keep an eye on sales trends and develop ways that their content can create a smoother individual sales process. A significant amount of a business’s budget should be put towards content marketing next year.

Chatbots Help Deliver And Collect Data

Chatbots will also be a fixture in 2019 in the marketing space. Businesses should look into collecting data that’s associated with what their audience is looking for. They should also focus on when their audience is looking for information. By collecting this data, it will give them greater insight into the needs of their audience.

Personalization And Authenticity

Individuals are constantly bombarded with a large amount of content each day. It’s important for businesses to become more personal and authentic. Generic messages and irrelevant offers will not help a business win the trust of their audience.
The technology that is used by a business to communicate with their audience doesn’t have to make them more impersonal. It should be used to help them become better communicators with the people who are interested in their brand. It should also be used to collect data so that it can be used to guide the messaging of a company.

Security And Data Privacy

Online security will continue to be important to consumers. Marketers will need to responsibly store, collect and protect any information that’s associated with their audience members.
In 2018, a big step was taken in the direction of data privacy and security with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, which was introduced in the EU.

Staying Focused

Businesses should also be reminded to focus on the marketing plans and strategies that they create and avoid hopping on new marketing trends that emerge. Things can quickly change in the marketing space. It’s often unwise to try to take advantage of the latest marketing trend before it’s been fully evaluated.