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Companies can now access consumer data more readily than ever before. This type of information allows marketing teams to better personalize their efforts when practicing account-based marketing, also known as ABM. With effective ABM, brands can improve their engagement and client relationships, as long as their marketing and sales teams are working in harmony.

Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing Teams

In order for companies to truly transform the way they reach out to consumers, they need to bring the bridge to gap between their sales and marketing teams. Below are four strategies that organizations can employ to ensure that their teams are collaborating effectively.

Tie Bonuses to Both Teams

Bonuses and perks are an effective motivator in the working world. Companies looking to encourage creative collaboration between their marketing and sales teams should do so by offering certain perks to employees that work between both teams. When employees have more of an incentive to work together they will be more detail oriented, work harder, and find more innovative ways to improve communication.

Make Collecting and Sharing Data a Priority

Both marketing and sales teams stand to benefit immensely from good data collection practices. While sales teams usually collect pertinent consumer data, it can be hard for marketing teams to gain access to the same information. Sales teams that fail to share this data with their colleagues in marketing are doing their organization a disservice. Instead, members of both teams should do their best to open up the lines of communication and be forthcoming with sharing data.

Foster an Environment of Open Conversation

One of the main causes of communication issues between sales and marketing teams is the lack of time taken to encourage open conversations. When employers require members of both teams to take time to properly and thoroughly communicate their findings and ideas to the other team, all team members will have the opportunity to fill in any gaps in communication.

Encourage Accountability

Both team members should share the responsibility of opening up communication. Workplaces should utilize shared KPIs that will hold team members accountable. This will help incentivize employees from each team to meet their goals by merging their efforts.
Communication in the workplace can be difficult. However, making an effort to share information and to collaborate is important for organizations that hope to effectively reach consumers. Employers and their staff should use these four strategies to help bridge the gap in communication with their sales and marketing teams.