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To have a successful career in business, you have to build strong relationships. These connections can be between either business partners or clients, and must be maintained throughout the course of a career. Once they are built up and maintained, they have the power to shape your career or business into something great. Beginning to build a strong network of relationships and connections can be difficult at first, especially to maintain, but there are a few easy ways to get started:
Help Others
In business, to help yourself, you must help others first. It can sometimes be a cutthroat career path, but kindness can go a long way and do more good than harm to your success. If a colleague or friend in the same business field is starting a new project, ask if they need help or if there’s anything you can do. By reaching out a helping hand, a network of connections will be more inclined to do the same. It strengthens relationships and helps maintain them for a long period of time. Later down the road, someone you’ve helped in the past can help with a project or advancement in your career.
Accept Feedback
Nobody is perfect and mistakes are bound to happen. In the business world when someone makes a mistake, it can either harm or help their success. Whether it’s from a colleague or client, listening to and accepting feedback can go a long way. Regardless of what the issue is or who is at fault, it’s imperative to listen to their feedback and learn from it. You have to be able to take it and know how to use their feedback to your advantage. Finding solutions to any issues will help maintain a strong business relationship between colleagues and clients. Be sure to listen to what they have to say.
Exceed Expectations
Going the extra mile and exceeding expectations will give you a competitive edge and lead to success. This can be done by offering help even before a colleague or business partner asks for it. Take the time to think of specific ways to help them out instead of just asking if they need anything. This goes the same for clients. To impress them and help build a strong a relationship, show them great service. Get them the product or service earlier than expected or even getting their feedback in real time.
One of the best ways to keep strong business relationships is to communicate with them and staying in touch. Ask colleagues out for lunch or simply shooting them an email to see how they are doing can go a long way. When it comes to clients, don’t stop at delivering great service–keep the service going. Send them a holiday card or even a quick professional phone call to see if they’d be interested in your company’s services again. Staying in contact over months or years can help build your successful business career.