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Matthew Prinn

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Matthew Prinn is a dedicated business development and marketing expert. 

Matthew Prinn is a Boston-based business development professional with over 20 years of experience in driving revenue for companies by implementing marketing and business development strategies. Matthew Prinn grew up in Needham, Massachusetts, a suburb 15 miles west of Boston. Matthew Prinn followed in his older siblings footsteps and attended Boston College where he graduated with a double major in marketing and accounting from the Carroll School of Management. After graduating, Matthew threw caution to the wind and decided to drive 3,000 miles west to the City of Angels, Los Angeles, to pursue his dream of a business career in the entertainment industry. While he didn’t have a job, a place to live, or much money, he did have ambition and an unstoppable determination to break into the entertainment industry. First living in a seedy hotel on Sunset Boulevard then on to a frat house at the University of Southern California, Matthew Prinn eventually landed in Brentwood where he talked his way into a job in the mailroom of a Hollywood talent agency called J. Michael Bloom & Associates.Matthew Prinn Headshot Matthew Prinn describes his time in the entertainment industry as follows:

“It was a great way to start a career because you are in a fast paced environment which forces you to work hard to keep up. I started in the mail room making less than $400 dollars a week while working 12-16 hour days 6-7 days a week. I had colleagues in the mailroom program who had graduated from Harvard, as well as colleagues who didn’t have a college degree. It didn’t matter where you came from, whomever worked the hardest and produced the best results got promoted. You had to outperform your peers in order to survive and move up in the company. If you didn’t excel, you were gone and gone quickly. The cutthroat environment was a great training ground to build a strong work ethic as a foundation for my business career.”

It was at the talent agency where Matthew developed a his love for marketing people. And it made you quick on your feet. In the talent agency industry, you had limited time to speak fluently in a persuasive manner to try to convince a casting director, producer or director that your clients should be seen for a certain movie, television or theater role. It was imperative that you had a personality and skill set that would get people, whose time was in high demand, to take your calls and trust your judgment. Matthew Prinn also negotiated the compensation and terms for each contract. While selling actors was 50% of the job, the other 50% consisted of selling the firm and selling yourself to potential clients which required networking at talent shows and developing referral contacts across the industry. While the entertainment industry consisted of long hours for little pay, the job did have its perks such as attending movie premieres and socializing with up-and-coming actors. These experiences helped Matthew Prinn fine-tune his social skills and to interact with people from every culture imaginable. Convincing people to put their business career in the hands of a 20-something can be a difficult thing to do, but Matthew Prinn was able to excel in his time at J. Michael Bloom. He was rewarded when he was one of only a small handful of people who were asked to join the company’s founder (Michael Bloom) when he decided to leave the company to start a new endeavor called Meridian Artists Agency. After a year where the company didn’t progress as they all had hoped, Matthew Prinn decided it was time to try a new challenge – the legal marketing industry.

“I loved my time in the talent agent industry, and it was an amazing experience for a young professional to learn from some great marketing minds, but I also realized I didn’t want to spend my career being limited geographically to only a few cities (LA, NY) where 90% of the industry is based.”

Matthew Prinn’s legal marketing career started with Latham & Watkins, one of the world’s largest and most profitable law firms. Matthew was given more managerial responsibilities and provided administrative and project management support for global initiatives being led by the firm’s managers and chief marketing officer. In addition, he worked tirelessly with the pitch proposal team and supported the social media team with branding efforts.

“Latham & Watkins provided me with a great opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s top CMOs and to gain experience in a more structured and traditional work environment. Rather than selling actors, we were selling lawyers. In each case, it required the ability to understand the companies “talent” and to provide a high level of client service to some demanding personalities and to find ways to drive revenue.”

Around this time, Matthew Prinn felt the urge to return to the East Coast to be closer to family and friends. Over the next three years, Matthew Prinn worked for several companies as a Marketing and Business Development Strategist. At Goulston and Storrs, Matthew Prinn was part of a small, elite team that focused on managing project pitches, website maintenance, advertising campaigns, and client and prospect related research projects. At Robinson & Cole, Matthew Prinn was in charge of the marketing and business development activities for portions of Hartford, CT, and an entire office in Boston. His most notable achievement during his time with this company was his role in increasing the brand name in the market and creating innovative strategies to drive new revenue.

“After starting my legal marketing career at such a large firm, it was a great experience spending time working for a few midsize firms. While the functions were generally the same, at the smaller firms you were able to develop a deeper understanding of the partner’s individual practices. The smaller marketing department size also meant that I was able to wear many hats. It was also around this point of my career where rather than taking directions from the lawyers like I had in my more junior roles, I had gained enough experience to really lead the lawyers to the desired result based on best practices and industry knowledge.”

In 2006, Matthew Prinn was hired by K&L Gates and his career flourished. He began his career with K&L Gates as a Business Development Manager, in charge of global business development for two of the firm’s most profitable practice groups (financial services, intellectual property). Not long after, Matthew Prinn was promoted to Associate Director of Business Management, where he worked closely with the firm’s management committee and area leaders to improve performance reporting and assessing market trends. Matthew Prinn quickly became an integral part of the team, overseeing the firm’s nine practice areas and 40 practice groups with his innovative ideas and work ethic. He pioneered a cutting-edge approach to sales pitches and presentations to clients that enabled the firm to prioritize resources and increase revenue more efficiently. After two years in this position, Matthew Prinn was promoted to Director of Business Management, where his additional responsibilities included building long-term relationships with critical clients, leveraging best practices across practice/industry groups, and overseeing the firm’s RFP process.

“The 12 years I spent at K&L Gates were exciting. To be part of a company that grew from 600 lawyers in 8 east coast offices to a firm of 2,000 lawyers with 40 offices across 5 continents was such a great learning experience. Being responsible for managing dozens of team members globally enabled me to really grow my leadership skills. Working with the firm’s top rainmakers and management committee members also allowed me to really expand my understanding of the trends taking place in the legal industry. My time at K&L Gates coincided with a major change in the legal industry in how law firms were selected and how the services were priced. Being at the forefront of this change for a billion dollar company enabled me to really develop a high level of expertise in RFPs, alternative fee arrangements, and preferred provider panels.”

In 2018, Matthew Prinn decided to start his own consulting business, RFP Advisory Group. In his new endeavor, he works with companies who are looking to use the RFP process to reduce their outside counsel spend while improving the quality of services provided. In addition to preferred panel provider RFP initiatives, he also advises on matter specific RFPs and with companies looking to convert from the billable hour to alternative fee structures. Matthew Prinn also provides consulting services to law firms who are looking to install or enhance their current RFP response process or lead specific high priority RFP responses.

“Having spent 15 years selling law firms to companies, I have a unique understanding of how law firms operate, market and price their services. I’ve led hundreds of RFPs of all scope and sizes, across all major industries in the last 3 years and know all the best practices and obstacles to avoid to manage the process to enable the company to find the law firms that are the best fit for the most competitive price. The competitive advantage I can offer versus procurement professionals who offer similar services is that I understand that you can’t use the same procurement driven RFP process you use to buy “widgets” as you do to buy legal services.”

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